Middle Eastern Dance by
Veiled Ambition
Troupe Veiled Ambition

Troupe Veiled Ambition is a collective of talent belly dancers led by artistic director, Samantha.

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Choreography and costume making skills are worked on as a group as well as stage presence, finger cymbals and belly dance technique.

The troupe performs at events in the Chicago area and has travelled to seminars all over the United States.

Interested in joining? We would love to have you! Requirements: Previous Belly Dance Training, dance at an intermediate level or above. Get along well with others, no whiners needed. Attend rehearsals regularly. Cost is $15 per dancer per rehearsal, fee used towards studio rental and costumes, additional cost for costumes is kept to a minimum. Call if interested: (800)753-0446. Trial period: 2 months, minimum of one performance with instructor approval required for full membership.